Sci-Tech Daresbury

Sci-Tech Daresbury is a world-class location for hi-tech business and leading edge science. Home to the ground-breaking Daresbury Laboratory and its high performance computing group, as well as over 100 hi-tech companies, Sci-Tech Daresbury is one of two national science and innovation campuses.

It is home to high-tech businesses from a variety of sectors, biomedical to advanced engineering, cleantech to security. However digital/ICT/mobile companies forms the largest cluster, including companies with enterprise solutions, mobile tech, hardware, cloud solutions and bespoke software developers. We have a mix of companies from start-up to mid-size SMEs to corporates such as IBM. In addition 20% of campus companies are from overseas.

Sci-Tech Daresbury is an environment where companies thrive, campus companies have seen sales grow an average of 37%/year over the past 4 years, and have secured £75m of investment to date.

In April 2012, Sci-Tech Daresbury became a government enterprise zone with companies locating in the zone being eligible for 5 years business rates relief.

Organisations can engage with the campus through the nearly 4000-strong Daresbury network which helps promote knowledge-sharing, collaboration and development of new business opportunities.

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Benefits to Techcelerate Members

Techcelerate members can join the Daresbury network free of charge. This can be done quickly and easily through Joining the network opens up the following opportunities:

- Opportunity to access relevant business facilities on Campus. This would include not only business accommodation in terms of the Innovation Centre and Vanguard House, but also technical facilities on Campus such as the Hartree Centre (new centre for high performance computing) and the Virtual Engineering Centre

- Opportunity to access relevant specialist technical expertise through the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), or via STFC, into the wider UK university network and European Space Agency.

- Opportunity to identify potential collaborations with relevant high-tech companies at SciTech Daresbury or in its wider network.

- Opportunity to establish strategic links, where relevant, with blue chip companies that are existing strategic partners with Sci-Tech Daresbury eg IBM

- Opportunity to access relevant professional expertise through Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Gold and Silver partner programme

- Opportunity to attend the range of networking and information/promotional events at Sci-Tech Daresbury that are focused on high-tech SME businesses.

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