Dragons Lair VII - Tech Investments Series

2011-09-28 18:00
2011-09-28 21:00


Meet 4 VCs tonight representing funds over $2 billion

Amadeus Capital
Balderton Capital
AXM Ventures

Pitching companies
Web Enable IT

Get in touch if you want to pitch - we can squeeze few more 07769734491

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Dragons Lair provides a compelling environment for technology companies to pitch to a panel of investors. It is arranged as two sessions, each session with up to four companies pitching to a panel of 3 to 4 investors made up of venture capitalists and/or angel investors. Each company is given 5 minutes to deliver a razor-sharp pitch and the investors have 10 mins to quiz the entrepreneur.

Plenty of networking time is provided for the audience to interact with the pitching companies before the event start as well as after the event. Networking till early hours (at KRO Bar) is a usual feature of our events.


Companies presented before seeking from £50,000 to £2 million: DataNovata, Image Alchemy, LocallyCompared.com, Phonefromhere.com, Ibexis, CompetitiveUrge, TalentOnView, FaceTec, Robotics, InstantTicketSeller, PostDox, RecycleLocal, TourDust, DCS, CaptivePortals, mapme.at, Slicethepie, Siondo, theWeddingVine.com, 15SecondTV, BitCoin, et al.

Past Investors (Dragons) included Michael Birch (Pro Founders Capital), Amin Amiri (A2E Venture Catalysts), Andrew Nutter (Balderton Capital), Michael Birch (Profounders Fund), Nic Brisbourne (DFJ Esprit), Steve Purdham (Angel Investor and CEO We7.com), Scott Fletcher (Angel Investor and Chairman ANS Group), Scott Livingston (Angel Investor), Roy Shelton (Drop Jaw Ventures), Andrew Burton (Viking Fund), Simon Howship (Angel Investor), Alex Stevenson (Aquarius Venture Partners), Daniel Waterhouse (Wellington Partners), Tony Bray (Angel Investor) and Graham Curry (Angel Investor)


More investors to be announced

AlexVanSomeran's picture

Alex van Someren - Amadeus Capital

Amadeus Capital invests across the technology spectrum in industries that include communications and networking hardware and software, media, e-commerce, computer hardware and software, plus the medtech and cleantech sectors. Since 1997, with over £470m under management, Amadeus Capital has active investments in around 40 companies across Europe and in Israel.

We have the vision to recognise a technology that is indeed special – a great leap forward, not just a new wrinkle. We have the imagination to see how a new product can exploit its technological advantage. We have the operational experience to nurture the right management team to make the vision a reality, helping fast growing companies to avoid pitfalls. We have a global network of technology investors and leaders that are able to help a new company succeed financially. And our team has a track record of investing successfully in high technology companies. We offer the right companies more than just capital. We offer vision, imagination, experience and a network of contacts across the globe.

RichardExley's picture

Richard Exley - NorthStar

Based in Newcastle, Northstar is a venture capital firm with over £80m under management. Northstar has been inspiring entrepreneurs with financial backing and the expertise of a highly experienced team since 2004, investing in over 200 pioneering, high potential enterprises.Northstar is actively investing 3 funds; the £20m Accelerator Fund; the £15m Proof of Concept Fund, and the £2.4m Creative Content Fund. Among the portfolio is Techcelerate Member company Canddi lead by Tim Langley


Pitching companies to be announced

Business Plan Summary for Dragons Lair - Business Plan Template If you wish to grab one of the slots available, now is the time to get in touch.


Sponsors to be announced


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