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Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus
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General Manager
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I am the General Manager of Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus which is home to about 1000 high-tech businesses from digital/ICT/mobile technologies to advanced engineering & instrumentation to medical devices adn diagnostics to low carbon technologies. It is also home to the Science and Technology Facilities Council, one of the research councils, responsible for providing large scale science facilities for UK universities and industry.

I lead the team responsible for supporting our business community helping them to identify relevant collaborators, routes to market, sources of equity and grant funding, and connections at target customers. In the 5.5 years we have been running only 8 companies have failed of which 5 phoenixed. Over the last 2 years, sales of the companies at Daresbury SIC and investment innto these companies has doubled.

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Connections to funding sources, relevant high-level business development expertise in an active not consultancy capacity, connections into blue chip companies, commercially-strong companies looking for at or near to market technologies.

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A strong network of several hundred high-tech SME businesses, strong relationships into blue chip companies such as IBM, Cisco, BAe Systems, Unilever, Boots etc, business location for companies looking at how their premises can add value to their business in terms of access to markets, funding and expertise

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I provide services to technology companies
High-tech business community

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