Tech Startup Funding Stories - Many ways of skinning a cat

2013-07-09 17:00
2013-07-09 20:00


One of the fundamental requirements for fast growing early stage technology companies is getting access to capital when they need it the most. Lack of capital usually result in make or break of a tech business. As always, there are many ways to skin a cat, its not too different when it comes to how you structure capital deals for capital hungry companies. At Techcelerate Tech Startup Funding Stories, the awesome speakers will share how they raised capital, the structure they used, and how it has helped them to grow their companies.

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Story 1: Bootstrapped + Venture Capital Story



Andrew Threlfall - Founder & CEO, Malinko (Liquid Bronze)

Andrew founded Malinko in 2009 as a spin-off product for scheduling. Malinko helps domiciliary care companies manage their staff schedules and record keeping. Andrew and his team bootstrapped the product development through client work for three years, before securing investment from a business angel syndicate and AXM Ventures from the Digital & Creative fund of the North West Fund.

Story 2: Accelerator + Venture Capital



Tim Langley - CEO and co-founder, CANDDI

Tim Langley is the primary technology brain behind the development of CANDDi. Tim holds an MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University and an MBA from Manchester Business School. CANDDi is Tim's fifth venture since 2002, and he has successfully raised venture capital from Enterprise Ventures, Northstar Venturest and The Difference Engine.

Story 3: Accelerator + Merger

Thomas Salvini, Founder & CEO - Construqtive

Thomas founded ConstruQtive in 2008 having over 10 years experience using Business Intelligence to provide innovative solutions for enterprises such as United Utilities and O2 Telefonica. He saw an opportunity to solve a company's problems of data collection, analysis & reporting after identifying there were many time and efficiency problems experienced with traditional BI systems, which were costly and labourious.


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