Many hands that helped create Techcelerate

Many individuals have helped to establish and grow Techcelerate (previously Nothern Startup 2.0, prior to that NW StartUp 2.0). This section attempts to recognise some of their contributions. Please accept our apologies if we missed your name from the list by mistake. If so, do step into correct our mistake


In Feb 2010, Northern StartUp 2.0 was rebranded and repositioned as Techcelerate, through crowd sourcing via Twitter and emails. Credits for brand name go to Katrina Delargy (came up with Tech Accelerator), Tim Dempsey (shortened to Techcellerate) and Martin Bryant (shortened further to Techcelerate). Initial logo was provided by Ed French. Our own initial slogan, Tech Growth: Assured was refined by James Crawford to Tech Growth: Accelerated.


This is an idea by Dean Sadler, which has grown from strength to strength since Jan 2009.


Chris Haslam and Mike Carter of Ixis IT developed and managed the website from 2007 to 2008 with assistance from Tom Cheesewright and Jack Carpenter (branding) and Lucy Buykx (usability). In 2009, the website was redesigned and managed by Nick Rhind and team at CTISN. The responsibility for design and development of website has been contracted out to QBurst since 2010.


Techcelerate would have never been born if the very subject of networking for digital entrepreneurs outside London was not discussed with Ivan Pope and Sam Sethi in 2006. Siddiq Musa of KPMG stepped into support the initial event in November 2006 (and the next two years) at IoD with help from Laura Wolfe.

Worthy Supporters

Stewart Townsend (sponsorship), Steve Livingston (financial and strategic advice), Stuart Scott-Goldstone (legal advice), Katrina Delargy (strategic advice), Pier Paolo Mucelli (venue), Simon Grice (events collaboration), Phil Tapsell (strategic advice), Tom Cheesewright (marketing advice), and all those who contributed their time.