Registering for an event

1. Pay for the event
2. I will add you to the event attendance list
3. If you do not have an account, I will create one for you

To find out who else is attending an event

1. Log in (you need to have an account).
2. Go to respective event page and scroll to bottom of screen.


1. You must have an active account
2. Right level of permission need to be set. Give me a shout.
3. To create a new blog post, click here
4. Post and enjoy

Updating Profile

1. Enter your user name after http://www.techcelerate.org/users/
2. Then choose EDIT tab

Private Messaging

1. To access, your inbox and sentbox, please click here. You can send private messages by visiting the respective profiles of the Northern StartUp 2.0 community.

Buddy List

1. Make others buddies by clicking the link on their profiles.


1. Please subscribe to Newsletter, as this is the only way to know about the forthcoming events other than regular visits to the website.


1. Inform me your desire to list your startup as a Tech StartUps. I will assign the access rights.
2. Click here to add your company
3. To edit, just click on the company

Service Provider

1. Inform us about your desire to list your company as a Service Provider. Once the payment is received, we will assign the access rights for you to complete your profile.
2. Click here to set the profile
3. To edit, just click on the entry on list under Service Provider