2011 June - Meet the VC 2

“Manoj and his team lined up a very full day of presentations – 12 in all – from an exciting mix of businesses from across the sector, and at all stages of development. We’re looking forward to engaging more closely with these businesses. This was an incredibly efficient way of entrepreneurs and VC each getting a quick impression of each other and addressing important principles, so that each side can decide whether to take the discussions further." David Smith, AXM Ventures

2010 Dec - Dragons Lair Christmas Special with a twist

Graham Currey's picture Thanks for the invite, I enjoyed the whole event. You deserve great credit for organising and hosting the whole event. There are a lot of people who should be very grateful that you exist with such passion for business.
Graham Currey, Business Angel (Dragon)

What our community is saying about us on our fourth Anniversary

Michael Birch's picture “Techcelerate is doing something truly ground-breaking for the UK tech community. By cultivating an international ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs and investors, Techcelerate gives young businesses in the north an unbeatable opportunity to succeed, by learning from others and successfully commercialising their ideas. I really enjoyed sharing my Bebo experience with the Techcelerate community, and look forward to coming back soon."
Michael Birch, co-founder, Bebo

Ajaz Ahmed's picture “Congratulations on your 4th anniversary, Techcelerate has helped lots of budding entrepreneurs over the years and it’s these people that are going to get the economy back on its feet.”
Ajaz Ahmed, Founder, Freeserve

ChrisAllen's picture The world really is speeding up, 4 years have flown by, well done Manoj for keeping the momentum going and creating something which helps so many entrepreneurs. All too often we are all to busy working to spend time and sharpen the tools that improve our performance. Techcelerate helps to share knowledge and stimulate thought, it is time well spent. Manoj keep making your good luck.
Chris Allen, Co-founder, LateRooms.com

I have been attending Techcelerate for a couple of years now. I have found to to be one of the better quality networks in the North West and makeurmove has benefited greatly from our involvement. Everything from meeting our current Technical Director through to opportunities to regular test and refine our strategy and business positioning. There have been times when I have attended events that did not appear directly relevant to our business however I have always gained something of benefit. I am very happy that my investment both in time and subscriptions has generated a significant return for the business.
Richard Francis, CEO, Makeurmove.com

edwardsmith's picture Techcelerate is the best opportunity in the North-West for entrepreneurs and investors to meet like-minded individuals. It combines structured, quality content with networking in a format that other UK regions would do well to copy.
Edward Smith, CEO, Intuitive BI

John Bickley's picture Techcelerate is a valuable resource and network for North West based entrepreneurs and start up companies in the high tech sector. It provides a mechanism for companies to meet up and communicate with investors and service providers that is often difficult to do outside of the South East. FaceTec Ltd joined the network last year and has benefited from a number of events and opportunities facilitated by Techcelerate.
John Bickley, CEO, FaceTec and Whamoosh

ReshmaSohoni's picture "Great to see startups growing in local ecosystems as with Techcelerate helping in Manchester."
Reshma Sohoni, CEO, Seedcamp

John Leake's picture Congratulations Techcelerate on reaching the 4 year mark. You have filled a key gap in the Digital/ICT network in the North linking early stage digital/ICT companies into Manoj's fantastic network - from VCs and angels to seasoned entrepreneurs to blue chips to government ministers. Well done and looking forward to many more years of success!!
John Leake, General Manager, Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus

Martino Picardo's picture “I would like to congratulate Techcelerate (and Manoj in particular) on their 4th Birthday; it has been a meteoric rise for the organisation during this time and a pleasure to engage with such exciting activities throughout; we at UMIC look forward to continuing and developing that engagement further; Happy Birthday!”
Martino Picardo, Managing Director, University of Manchester Incubator Company (UMIC)

Steve Livingston's picture "Since the inaugural event launched by Manoj back in November 2006, Techcelerate has provided an essential support network for fast growth technology businesses across the north west. I have had the privilege of meeting and listening to the stories of inspiring tech entrepreneurs and VCs over the past four years, many of whom I've gone on to work with in a professional capacity, all by being a part of the Techcelerate initiative. I have little doubt that Techcelerate will remain at the forefront in championing and supporting north west tech businesses for years to come."
Steve Livingston, Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill

tomcheesewright's picture "Techcelerate is a vibrant hub around which ideas, products and - vitally - investment coalesce. Attending Techcelerate makes you feel like Manchester and the Northwest are a genuine part of the global tech entrepreneurship scene. Over the last four years the organisation has been a powerful driver for economic growth in the Northwest and it would be great to see that, and the investment of time, energy and cash by its founder, recognised as the organisation continues to grow."
Tom Cheesewright, Strategy Director, And Digital

benfwirtz's picture Congrats on 4 years of hard work, think what you’re doing with Techcelerate is great! A fascinating community of innovative startups, which are supportive, open for new ideas and surely inspiring. I think you are doing a great job with introducing people and making connections, you’re the right facilitator for a community like this. Only thought is, that sometimes – as a student or person with very limited resources – I wish some events would be cheaper, but on the other hand I completely appreciate the effort you put behind it and therefore still saw good value for money in every event I went to.
Benjamin Wirtz, CEO, Handy Elephant

kortuem's picture Techcelerate is the best place in the NW to connect with people in the software, web and mobile industry.
Gerd Kortuem, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University

Steve Smith's picture "Techcelerate is a key part of the entreprenuerial ecosystem in the North West providing a much needed vent for startups and early stage businesses. I congratulate Manoj for sticking with his programme through challneging times".
Steve Smith, Founder, Software City

Paul Treloar's picture Techcelerate provides a strong network for digital technology companies and has proven ability to attract key people nationally and internationally who can add value through knowlege, expertise and networks.
Paul Treloar, Daresbury Innovation Centre Manager