NS20 Summer BBQ

2009-08-18 18:00
2009-08-18 21:00

Northern StartUp 2.0 cordially invite you to attend our first ever Summer BBQ in our almost three years of existence. This is perhaps the only event where there is no speakers or panelists, instead, let's make this a great networking event for tech entrepreneurs, investors and their friends, and perhaps dwell in a discussion to find out more about how StartUp 2.0 can make your entrepreneurial life a bit easier.

With the summer spirit in mind, the BBQ is opened to your spouse and kids.

Key Attendees

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Menu might be:

- Ground Steak Burgers
- BBQ Chicken
- Veggie Burgers


- Mix salad
- Pasta salad
- Garlic bread

Please note that drinks have to be purchased from the bar as StartUp 2.0 is not allowed provide free drinks as per our normal events.

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