ICT KTN Workshop on Smart Meters

2011-12-15 13:00
2011-12-15 17:00

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Opportunities in Smart Meters

According to Department of Energy and Climate Change, "The rollout of smart meters will be a major national project. It will involve a visit to every home and many businesses in Great Britain, and the replacement of around 53 million gas and electricity meters. Smart meters can pave the way for a transformation in the way energy is supplied and used. They will provide consumers with near real-time information about energy use, and more accurate bills."


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Peter Kennedy, Chairman, Bglobal Plc

Peter established Bglobal Metering in 2003. Peter has over 25 years experience in the software industry where he has held a variety of positions. In 1983 Peter co-founded QCL Systems Limited and held the position of managing director. QCL Systems Limited was then sold to Optim Group in 1988. Peter was then the managing director of IQ Computing Ltd, a system integration business, for seven years. In 1997 he co- founded Utilisoft Limited a software company specialising in energy market business to business transactions in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Mike Bakewell, Investment Manager, North West Fund 4 Energy & Environmental

The North West Fund is a £184.8m evergreen investment fund established to provide debt and equity funding to small and medium sized enterprises in the North West of England. Of this £20 million is dedicated to energy and environmental companies. The Fund will address an identified gap in the lending, venture capital and private equity markets. Michael is an experienced venture capitalist with previous investment roles with Enterprise Ventures, Alliance Fund Managers and Finance Wales' Equity Fund. He has been a venture capital investor for 10 years and in this time has led or managed over 30 investments across a range of industry sectors.

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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is the Project Delivery Manager at the Energy Innovation Centre, responsible for identifying energy related innovations that have commercial potential, assessing them, and building and managing technology development projects around them that would appeal to industry partners. He has more than 12 years experience in technology commercialisation and a background in engineering, manufacturing, project management and marketing. He joined the EIC in December 2010

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Vin Sumner, CEO, Clicks and Links

Vin Sumner is the Founder and Managing Director of Clicks and Links. He has been an IT consultant for over 25 years. In 2000, Vin founded Clicks and Links as an IT company dedicated to connecting communities through ICT and to support the public sector with its Modernising Government agenda. He has worked on leading public sector projects including Green Shift, DEHEMS, ONE-Manchester, The Key and the Connected Neighbourhoods Forum

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Focus on

Discussions will focus on:

1. What are Smart Meters?
2. Legislation driving smart meter adaptation
3. Forthcoming projects
4. Opportunities for northern companies


Smart Metering Implementation Programme Prospectus

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