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2012-05-17 18:00
2012-05-17 21:00


Some of us believe marketing is for the later stage. Others embrace marketing from day 1. How can marketing help us drive our brand forward, leading to greater number of users and customers for our products and help revenue growth? What should be in our marketing mix? What does 4Ps (product, price, place and promotion) mean? Join us on the 17th May to learn from the pros.


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Gary Turner, UK Managing Director,

Gary is a veteran of running accountancy software companies in the UK, starting with Pegasus, Microsoft and now with Xero. Started in 2006 and listed on New Zealand Stock Exchange, Xero is an online accounting software product designed specifically for the small business. Gary will share the marketing mix adopted by Xero, as they continue to head towards becoming the market leader in Australasia, UK and the Americas.

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Paul Fabretti, Digital Director, Brazen PR

Paul co-founded Manchester's first social media agency Gabba in 2009. Paul is an experienced speaker and a regular columnist for respected US marketing publications MarketingProfs and Social Media Today. Paul will speak about how social media can help tech companies achieve a competitive advantage.

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Dom Hodgson, CEO, Ember Ads

Dom has started many companies, conferences and initiatives. Recognised as an authority in Affiliate marketing, Dom will share his experiences and discuss how affiliate marketing could be adopted by tech companies as a part of marketing mix to grow revenues.

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