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2011-03-25 00:00
2011-03-25 16:00

If you are an early stage tech company operating out of Manchester and the North West, it is unlikely you will get to see more than 5 VCs in average, before continuing with bootstrapping and eventually giving up (bit dramatic but true for many companies we met since 2006). Techcelerate plans to changes the odds in your favour. Instead of you having to travel to London and elsewhere, we will bring the VCs (and Angel Investors) to you.

Want to meet the first VC? Yeap! Its our friends from DFJ Esprit.

About DFJ Esprit

DFJ Esprit

DFJ Esprit believes that good venture capital begins with good judgement and good relationships. Their partners have a track record of helping entrepreneurs to make their companies successful.

In today’s world the best businesses have global ambitions from day one and the best venture funds have the networks to support those ambitions. DFJ Esprit is a member of the Draper Fisher Jurvetson Global Network, the largest venture capital network in the world with 140 investment professionals and over 600 portfolio companies.

DFJ Esprit is a single team of partners all of whom benefit from and contribute to the success of their investments. They are entrepreneurs themselves and are proud to have built the firm to its current size and are passionate about continually moving forward, which means backing winning companies and doing everything they can to help entrepreneurs achieve and exceed their ambitions.


Tech Startups (2 people maximum) will get up to 25 minutes for a confidential one-to-one first meeting.

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