Tech Growth through Mergers & Acquisitions

2011-10-26 18:00
2011-10-26 21:00

A week rarely goes by without you hearing about a merger or acquisition taking place. Your mind start to wonder; "could my tech company grow through a strategic acquisition?". A northern techstartup just acquired a company to help them find a ready market for their new product. Another thought that might cross your mind is; "Could I merge with a company to step up my game?". Last year, well known northern techstartup merged with their partner, which helped them address shortages in working capital needs and presented them with a significant customer base overnight. Another company run by a single founder merged with their US rival last year, giving him an opportunity to acquire knowledge before setting up his next company. What ever your reasons might be, if you run a tech company, you need to think about mergers and acquisitions, and not simply focus on investment.

This event focus on hearing from those who have grown their businesses through mergers or acquisitions. If you are keen to explore how M&A can help you grow your own business, this is the event for you! If you have experience of going through or helping a merger and acquisition, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge.


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Andy Makeham, CEO, K3 Business Technology Group (AIM listed)

Andy was appointed Chief Executive in March 2001. He has over 30 years experience running or working in IT companies, most recently with Kewill Systems plc where he was a divisional sales and marketing director. Under Andy's watch, company has grown from revenues of £7.9 million in 2001 to £59.9 million in 2010. Recent acquisitions include FD Systems and Retail Customer Base. Andy will share K3's growth through acquisitions and lessons learned.

Nirmal Singh, CEO, TouchIP

Over the last few years, Nirmal has been developing an innovative mobile technology with multiple applications from contact-less payments to time and attendance. Instead of raising multi million pounds needed to take the product to market, Nirmal and his team have acquired a company, which will not only provide a readily accessible customer base, but also number of complementary products, significantly increasing the overall value proposition. Nirmal will share how this strategic acquisition will help TouchIP achieve its vision.

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Stuart Scott-Goldstone - Partner, Aaron & Partners

Stuart advises on corporate finance transactions (including company acquisitions, disposals and venture capital investment), corporate re-organisations and restructuring, intellectual property, and share option and incentive schemes.

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John Capper

After a decade of Boardroom strategic leadership at RSM Tenon, doubling business turnover every four years, John is now developing a portfolio of new roles including ad-hoc projects, non-executive directorships and quasi FD positions


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