Techcelerate Fireside Chat with Tim Langley plus Index Ventures and AXM Ventures

2012-10-29 18:00
2012-10-29 21:00

Techcelerate pioneered the development of an ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs and tech startups in the North West when number of tech entrepreneurs from Brighton to Dublin met at one evening at IoD Manchester in November 2006 supported by TechCrunch and KPMG. Since then we have hosted over 70 events, with majority in Manchester with events in Liverpool, Daresbury and London.

In December 2009, Tim Langley pitched his new startup, Canddi he co-founded with Tom Cheesewright to Jon Bradford of Difference Engine, the first accelerator in the UK after Seedcamp. Tim and Tom joined the programme in Middlesbrough in 2010 with £20k of initial investment. In 2011, they raised £100k from NorthStar Equity Investors, and setup a regional office at Tech Centre Manchester. Last month, Canddi raised further £350k from NorthStar and number of other investors.

We thought it would be a good idea to catch up with Tim, and explore his journey from the beginning through his MBA to his latest venture. This will also be our first ever fireside chat and we hope this format will have more lifespan than "Startup for Slaughter" series.




Tim Langley - CEO and co-founder, CANDDI

Tim Langley is a serial entrepreneur and the primary technology brain behind the development of CANDDi. Tim holds an MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University and an MBA from Manchester Business School. CANDDi is Tim's fifth venture since 2002, and he has successfully raised venture capital from Enterprise Ventures, Northstar Venturest and The Difference Engine.



Gil Dibner - Venture Capitalist, Index Ventures

Gil joined Index Ventures in 2012 as a principal focused on seed and early stage investing in Europe and Israel. Index Ventures invest from €250,000 to €50 million in seed, early-stage and late-stage companies. The investment is used to accelerate the growth of companies and, in some cases, to provide shareholders with cash.



Fred Mendelsohn - Venture Capitalist, AXM Ventures

Fred Mendelsohn is the Chairman of AXM VC Limited which manages the Creative Capital Fund (CCF). In 2000 he co-founded Axiomlab Group PLC, which made over 30 direct and indirect investments in early-stage businesses. Previously he worked for Mckinsey and Co and Arthur Andersen. Fred gained an MBA from the Harvard Business School, as well as an MA from St Edmund Hall, Oxford University.


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