Next Generation Broadband Access - Building the Case for Regional Investment in association with Techcelerate

2010-02-22 12:30
2010-02-22 16:30

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Next Generation Broadband Access - Building the Case for Regional Investment - 22 Feb 2010 Manchester eOffice

This event gives you the opportunity to have your say on what the future of Broadband services should be in the north west, a highly topical subject at the moment in the light of the “Digital Britain” report. Whether provider or potential user of this new level of broadband service, we would very much welcome your views and feel that you could contribute greatly to the success of the event. At the same time, this provides you with the opportunity to shape the future of broadband to meet the needs of your business


As the speed of broadband has risen over the past ten years, services available have also kept pace, with email and web browsing giving way in bandwidth terms to music downloads, live TV, interactive gaming and peer-to-peer services. In turn, it’s these new services that have also placed higher demands on broadband access for higher download speeds and increased mobility. It is becoming clear that current mainstream access speeds, whatever the operator or technology, are unlikely to be able to provide the variety and quality of service that consumers will require in the future. A number of operators are beginning to invest in improved access technologies (fibre to the home and WiMax, for example) but there is not yet a clear business case either for a particular technology or for investment overall, nor is there a clear view of the services that users will require once the higher speeds are available.


With 73% of people now feeling that broadband is as important a utility as electricity or water the views of users about future services are important. This forum provides broadband users the opportunity to hear about the future for broadband access and services and to give input on their interests and needs. This event is one of several being held in regions of the UK and the output will be used to inform service providers, government and regulators about the services and packages that people will want as higher-speed access becomes generally available. Our presenters will set out their view of the future for broadband technology and services. Participants will then be invited to join the debate to help to formulate a view of the future landscape of services by joining one of three facilitated workshop groups. The information recorded from these groups will be combined with output from other regions and will be used to inform the industry debate on the technologies, architectures and industry structures needed to deliver future services.


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