Biz Dev Founder for Exciting Startup

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The Company

An exciting and unique opportunity to help us shape our a new on-line offer distribution system and prepare it for launch. Over the last 12 months we have developed an intelligent system to allow brands to distribute their promotional, samples and vouchers to targeted new consumers, aiming to grow brand awareness, customer generation and marketing databases.

Our system allows us to create a tripartite link between consumers, brand owners and content sites to help us to spread revenues and grow exponentially.

At present we are a team of two experienced product/technical founders looking for a sales lead to help us reach our true potential. Technically, the business is ready for a sales push to help it show its true worth. With potential first mover advantage speed is of the essence, but a friendly and personable business approach is of equal importance. We aim to be ethical in what we do but with a constant eye on monetization.

The role will play a vital part in acquiring customers and ensuring the services are tailored to meet their needs and requirements. By putting themselves into the customer’s shoes, keeping things simple and taking ownership, the role will ensure that potential customers understand the unique benefits our system can deliver.

Job Outline

Approaching potential clients, Promoting the benefits and fantastic advantages of distributing their offers on our network.
Signing up businesses and collecting their offer details.
Liaising with existing customers
Approaching content sites to sign them up to our network.


Excellent customer services and communication skills
Previous sales experience
Ability to learn and put into practice selling and objection handling skills
Ability to adapt quickly, e.g. new targets, business requirements
In depth working knowledge and importance of advertising
To have empathy with our customers, with a desire to help resolve their queries
To not be a jerk and to get things done

Compensation and hours

We are at present pre-revenue so we cannot offer a salary; we are however looking for a co-founder, someone to take a large equity share in the business and to be pivotal in our success. We understand the importance of this role and will aim to compensate correctly once possible. We understand that this may mean the role is a part time one to start with.


We aim for an office free environment and at present are nationally distributed, we work odd hours 7 days a week and communicate largely by Skype.