PHP Developer

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We're building a widespread consumer product which users really love and shout about. We're a tiny team of 3, but we already have 130,000 users and are profitable.

We have amazing advisors and investors on board, and we'll be growing fast in the coming year. Our focus is to create a massive amount of value for users whilst keeping the product super simple, and in the process build an awesome business.

You can work from wherever you are, or wherever you want to be. We care most that you enjoy your work. We're in Hong Kong right now, and we'll be in San Francisco later in the year. You can join us, or work remotely.

We'd love you to be part of the exciting journey.

What we want to see:

- Several years experience of PHP development
- Working with MongoDB
- Experience of MVC-style frameworks such as CodeIgniter
- Experience with JavaScript and jQuery

What we'd love to see:

- Good sense of design
- Experience with WordPress plugin development
- Experience with building browser extensions

How we work:

- Happy and healthy lifestyle alongside working hard and loving what we do. We believe that if you feel happy you will do great work.
- We like to travel. If there’s somewhere you’d rather be which will make you happier and more productive, that's where you should be.
- An environment where side projects, speaking, etc. is encouraged.
- You'll get access to our large network of great entrepreneurs.

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