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2008-07-15 18:15
2008-07-15 21:00

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You have found a potential investor after many months of searching. S/He appears to like your business and sees the potential for everyone to make some serious money on the deal. You discuss your product, marketing strategy, operational plan, and financing needs. You see eye-to-eye on practically everything. Then finally, when you are both feeling comfortable with one another, the question of valuation is finally raised. How much of your company are you willing to surrender in exchange for his/her investment? In your best estimation, his/her money is worth 20% of your company at best. In his/her estimation it is worth 51%. In many cases, the discussion grinds to a halt at this point. To put it bluntly, placing a credible valuation on a startup is impossible.

In to above traditional environment add Facebook valued at $15 billion by Microsoft and Linkedin valued at $1 billion on supposedly $100 million revenues. Skype was sold with less than $50 million revenues. Valuing a startup is pretty much a black art. Why not join us for a lively discussion on technology company valuations?

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Northern StartUp 2.0 is North of England's premier event series for Digital Startups to meet, learn and share experience with like minded individuals made up of entrepreneurs, investors, deal makers and service providers, in an informal setting. Are you a startup or early stage digital technology company? Or have you got a killer idea with some early code you want to tell others about? Are you looking for seedcorn or second round of funding, team members, mentors, partners, and/or ideas to commercialise your product? Do you need help writing your business plan? Have you got loads of money and love to invest in startups? Do you provide support services (e.g. PR)? Are you a blogger or journalist looking for breaking news? Or do you just like to hang out with startups? Or do you want to know how to leverage technologies to achieve a competitive advantage? If so, this event is for you.


18:15 to 19:00 Registration & Networking
19:00 to 19:45 Introductions by Panelists
19:45 to 20:00 Break
20:00 to 21:00 Q&A/Panel

Panelist 1 - Nic Brisbourne - DFJ Esprit

Nic will speak about how venture capitalists evaluate Internet companies and how it is different to other sectors, in addition to giving an introduction to DFJ Esprit.

Panelist 2 - Hugh Osburn - Adopt Training - Company Valuation Specialist

Hugh will speak about how to value your company both from the entrepreneur and investor perspective. [Note to MBAs: Don't forget to revise your corporate finance lectures notes before the event]

Panelist 3 - Bertrand Navarrete - Internet Capital - USA

In addition to introducing ICG, Bertrand will share his thoughts on why some US VCs are looking outisde the US for investment opportunities and what this means to UK Entrepreneurs

Panelist 4 - Andrew Lancaster - KPMG

Andy Lancaster is an Associate Director in KPMG's dedicated Transaction Services team in Leeds and Manchester. He has over 10 years of experience in M&A having worked on a broad range of transactions for corporate, private equity and banking clients. Andy leads the KPMG TS sector focus for technology, media and communications in the North.

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion will focus on startup valuation.

Attendance Fees (inclusive of VAT):

£10 for students (must be in full time education and not working - simply showing a valid student card is not sufficient. Please do not abuse this discount)
£30 for all others. Download invoice from:

Northern StartUps - 15th july 2008 - Invoice

Please bring correct amount in cash, cheque (payable to eveo Ltd) or bank transfer directly to Account No. 21281917 Sort Code 40-17-06. Please use reference "NS20-July08"

- Annual Enterprise Pass - £500.00 (up to three individuals from your company per event , not exchangeable outside the company)
- Annual Individual Pass - £250.00 (not exchangeable)

Confirmed Attendees

Venture Capitalists: Nic Brisbourne (DFJ Esprit), Bertrand Navarrete (Internet Capital), Colin Willis (Hotspurcp), Ed French (EV Rising Stars), Mark Rahn (MTI Firms), and Malcolm Stewart, Peter Leather and Mike Bakewell (MSIF/LV).

Northern Stars: Anish Kapoor (Yuuguu), Robert Wakeling (Wadaro), Manoj Ranaweera (edocr)


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