Games Trends and Opportunities

2010-07-22 18:00
2010-07-22 21:00

Video software and hardware industry generated global revenues in excess of $60.4 billion in 2009 and expect to increase revenues to $70.1 billion by 2015. The console market is dominated by Nitendo Wii (70 million units), Xbox (40 million units) and Playstation (35 million units). Activision Blizzard ($4.3 billion with Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty) and Electronic Arts ($4.1 billion) dominates the games software publishing industry.

NWDA Skills and Training Survey Report Game Developers in the North West a comparative business model assessment of value-creation capabilities in the computer games industry

Our first event in Liverpool will explore computer games sector identifying trend and opportunities.


Simon Elms - Warthog, Tiger Telematics and Image Metrics

Simon will set the scene for the event by demystifying the computer games sector.

In 1998, Simon joined games developer, Warthog as Finance Director helped them grow from 10 employees to over 100 in three years, and floated the business in 2001 on AIM (the youngest CFO of an AIM listed Company at the time). Simon help grow Warthog to become the largest independent games developer in Europe, with over 250 employees and operations in the UK, Sweden and America, and was sold to US Gaming Console Manufacturer Tiger Telematics in 2005. He helped setup another company which he successfully sold to Travellers Tales in 2006, as part of a suite of companies subsequently sold to Warner Brothers, and they are now responsible for some of the most successful games on the market, working upon the evergreen Lego franchise. After a three year spell as CFO at Image Metrics, he successfully assisted in reversing that Company into a US Public Company, completing the transaction in March 2010.

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Matt Wood - Amazon Web Services

In this talk Matt Wood, Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services (AWS), will outline how to build highly scalable games on Amazon’s on-demand infrastructure service with no up-front investment. Using real world examples and success stories, he will aim to cover content delivery, high availability and how to take advantage of Amazon’s economies of scale for games developers.

Pitching Companies

Cubic Motion

Cubic Motion are specialists in performance driven facial animation (PDFA), where an actor's performance is analyzed and translated into a character performance. PDFA used to involve expensive outsourcing or internal development around highly esoteric technologies, but the latest research in the field has changed the technical and commercial landscape such that any production, in movies, TV or games can use PDFA where artistically appropriate. Cubic Motion is led by Gareth Edwards who founded Image Metrics.


Setgo Limited is a new games studio founded in Liverpool in 2010 by Jason Chown, Christian Lavoie and Clemens Wangerin, three games industry veterans with over 40 years of games development experience and dozens of published titles between them.


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