Tech Centre Manchester: Carving a Market in a Competitive Landscape

2011-07-27 18:00
2011-07-27 21:00

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We all have a dream of setting up the next big technology company. Some of us actually venture out and setup our company, in most cases, into an existing market with a disruptive technology. Few of us actually makes the sales to warrant a look by the incumbents. Our topic for this month's discussion is:

How do you launch a disruptive technology into an existing market dominated by a handful of players with significant capital and market intelligence than you have?

Kevin will discuss the humble beginnings of Free Agent Central as a Scottish startup working with Dennis Howlett to gain an understanding of the market in early days to signing a landmark deal with Iris to becoming a major threat to Sage. Rhys will speak about how they tackled the problems of invoicing and signed a major agreement with RBS to finally exiting the company. Alasdair who founded Transitive and exited to IBM will speak about building disruptive technologies and marketing it globally. Ed will speak about how he setup his new company with Angel investor found through Techcelerate, aiming to become the best

KevinMcCallum's picture

Kevin McCallum - Business Development Director, Free Agent Central

A long time ago Kevin worked in banking, back in the days when it was still socially acceptable to admit it, but for the last 10 years has been involved with business and accounting software, albeit the old-fashioned kind. He’s particularly interested in building partnerships and business relationships with positive and clever people, and firmly believes that technology should make people’s lives easier, not more complicated.

Rhys Jones's picture

Rhys Jones - Co-Founder and ex-CEO, Accountis (sold to FundTech)

Rhys has a keen interest in technology startups, and has been a director and advisor to many technology companies. He founded Accountis, an electronic invoicing and e-payments company, following the sale of his previous startup, SecureTrading. With the help of VC investment, Accountis grew from a two person startup to over 50 people and processing more than 1 million transactions per day, and has since been acquired by Fundtech, a NASDAQ listed company.

AlasdairRawsthorne's picture

Alasdair Rawsthorne - Founder, Transitive (exited to IBM)

Alasdair founded Transitive, a University spin-out company, with his research group to commercialize dynamic binary translation software developed using a new set of challenging targets. Over the period 2000-2008, Transitive grew from a dream to over 100 employees; operated as a multinational with headquarters in Sillicon Valley, raised over $30M in venture capital investment, contributed a key technology to Apple's migration to using Intel CPUs in Macintosh computers, saw 16 million copies of software delivered to end-users, and was acquired by IBM.

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Edward Smith Kapoor - Co-Founder and CTO, Intuitive Business Intelligence

Ed co-founded Intuitive Business Intelligence in 2010 alongside fellow Techcelerate members. Intuitive recently launched their first product into a crowded BI software market and have enjoyed considerable success at the expense of established players.


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