Managing Congestion Through ICT: Collaborative Working Group

2012-07-24 13:00
2012-07-24 17:00

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The Eddington Transport Study

The Department for Transport sees growing congestion as one of the most serious transport problems facing the UK. On 1 December 2006, Rod Eddington published a UK government-sponsored report into the future of Britain's transport infrastructure. The Eddington Transport Study set out the case for action to improve road and rail networks, as a "crucial enabler of sustained productivity and competitiveness". Eddington has estimated that congestion may cost the economy of England £22 bn a year in lost time by 2025.

The objective of the Managing Congestion Through ICT event is to create a network of stakeholders who are interested in exploring the potential opportunities for reducing traffic congestion through the use of ICT solutions.


More specifically, the workshop will enable its participants to:

  • gain a better understanding of the issues facing transport, in particular road traffic congestion;
  • gain a better understanding of how ICT solutions can help to reduce road traffic congestion;
  • explore the existing ICT solutions being developed and identify opportunities for deploying these solutions to help reduce traffic congestion, and
  • gather information that can then be fed into a green paper.

While ‘technology push’ is instrumental in getting new ICT solutions and products onto the market, a ‘challenge-led’ approach, where ICT solutions are developed in direct response to a business need is often more beneficial, as the solutions tend to be better tailored to the problem in hand.

With support and buy-in from the ICT and Transport KTNs, the ultimate objective of this group will be to help inform the TSB of the need for further research in this area.


NeilBrailsford's picture

Neil Brailsford, Director - Capita Symonds Technology

Neil has over 25 years in the transport sector, focusing on technology, he was the co author of the Transport Select Committee in 2011 paper titled “Effective Road and Traffic Management” Neil is a member of the PIARC international standards committee for road safety and the use of technology. Neil has extensive experience in both the UK and international markets and is currently involved in countries such as India, Russia and Nigeria. Neil will start the discussion on intelligent transport systems

Eric Masaba, CEO - Texxi

A Demand Responsive Transit Exchange will allow people to effectively access (shared) transportation resources more readily than currently occurs. It is based on the idea of a futures exchange where an intermediary (the exchange) allows buyers (prospective passengers) and sellers (vehicle operators) to trade in a transparent market. Eric will highlight how he has turned a concept into reality with results of public trials and the challenges his company, Texxi face in bringing his product to market

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Keith McCabe, Managing Director – KAM Futures

Keith has over 30 years of experience in the Transport and Telecommunications industries. He specialises in innovative uses of technology to address transport and environmental issues. He initiated and chaired the ITS UK Carbon Working Group, he currently chairs the US Transport Research Board Livability sub committee, he is honorary secretary of the ITS UK Smart Environment Interest Group and sits on the ITS America Sustainability Working Group.He also sits on the US TRB Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Committee, chairs the Manchester IET Transport Technical Group. He is also a participant in the ARTS research project which is developing autonomic solutions to transport issues.
Keith will introduce a discussion on connected mobility.

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Professor Alan Wells, Emeritus Professor and NEREUS Vice President - University of Leicester

Alan Wells is Emeritus Professor of Space Technology at the University of Leicester and currently leads a European network of research clusters that are focusing their respective R&D expertise in ICT and space downstream technologies on urban transport challenges as identified by regional, local and municipal authority partners. He is the scientific leader of a new EU FP7 project called THE ISSUE (Traffic, Health Environment-Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies) and is actively involved in a number of projects which are using downstream space technologies (in satellite navigation and remote sensing) and novel ICT applications using neural networks to provide new solutions for intelligent traffic management in the urban environment.

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