Tech Centre Manchester: Idea to Launch

2011-06-27 18:00
2011-06-27 21:00

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Do you have a killer idea for a tech startup? Do you plan to go alone or bring co-founders on board? How do you deal with when co-founders do not contribute? Know how to structure the shareholder agreement? At what stage should you seek external investment, and from whom? Should you spend time getting the company investor ready or focus 100% on product/market fit? Should you use deal makers to reduce time to investment?

Are you on your way to launch your first tech product? Are you coding away without engaging with potential customers? How do you plan to achieve product/market fit? Would you like to learn from others who have gone through the same journey? Would that help you to avoid mistakes and reduce your timeline to product launch?

Have you just launched your first product? What has been the reaction from the market? Have you achieved product/market fit? Do you have the resources and infrastructure to take the product forward? Want to hear how others are addressing the same issues?

Are you generating a truck load of cash? Then please come and share your success story and inspire others to take the risk of setting up and grow tech companies.


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Joel Gascoigne - Founder, Buffer App

Joel co-founded OnePage, a digital card in March 2009. In Oct 2010, he founded BufferApp using lean startup methodologies, pioneered by the Silicon Valley veterans. Joel will share how he managed to achieve product/market fit within a short time, generating revenues within 7 weeks from idea. Use the opportunity to learn tips before Joel heads of to San Francisco.

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Duncan Stockdill - co-Founder, CapsuleCRM

Duncan, a Kiwi in Manchester co-founded CapsuleCRM with his long term buddy, Phillip Haines, working from home and coffee shops before moving to new premises in early this year. Capsule CRM is one of the fastest growing CRM products in the world. Duncan will share how they build a product without any sales or marketing.

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Ben Hookway - CEO, Vidiactive

Having founded and exited from Next Device, Ben was headhunted by EV Group to setup Vidiactive in March 2009.

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Doug Stellman - VC, EV Group

Doug has worked in venture capital since 1993 in technology with a focus on start-up and early stage in the sub £5m category. Deals include Nanoco (nano-tech), Amacis (software), DxS (molecular diagnostics), Spiratech (semi-con), Metronet (wireless comms)



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