Valley and Investment Readiness - Tech Entrepreneur Series

2008-05-14 18:15
2008-05-14 21:00

NS20 - Silicon Valley and Investment Readiness

To celebrate the success of our own Northern StartUp (edocr) visiting the Silicon Valley as one of the 20 most promising UK digital startups, this event will focus on two areas:

Session 1 - Silicon Valley - should you build Valley into your plans?
Session 2 - Investment Readiness (Panel Discussion) - Is your startup ready for investment?

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Northern StartUp 2.0 is North of England's premier event series for Digital Startups to meet, learn and share experience with like minded individuals made up of entrepreneurs, investors, deal makers and service providers, in an informal setting. Are you a startup or early stage digital technology company? Or have you got a killer idea with some early code you want to tell others about? Are you looking for seedcorn or second round of funding, team members, mentors, partners, and/or ideas to commercialise your product? Do you need help writing your business plan? Have you got loads of money and love to invest in startups? Do you provide support services (e.g. PR)? Are you a blogger or journalist looking for breaking news? Or do you just like to hang out with startups? Or do you want to know how to leverage technologies to achieve a competitive advantage? If so, this event is for you.


18:15 to 19:00 Registration & Networking
19:00 to 19:45 Session 1: Importance of Silicon Valley
19:45 to 20:00 Break
20:00 to 21:00 Session 2: Panel discussion on "investment readiness"

Session 1 - Keynotes

+ Manoj Ranaweera - Founder of edocr (Webmission08)
+ Philip Hemsted - Founder of Yuuguu (DemoFall)
+ Scott Leonard-Morgan - Partner at Heller Ehrman (Webmission08 + Operations in Silicon Valley)

Session 2 - Moderated by Manoj

+ Scott Fletcher - CEO of ANS Group (Plus listed)
+ Scott Leonard-Morgan - Partner at Heller Ehrman (Webmission08 + Operations in Silicon Valley)
+ Philip Hemsted - Founder of Yuuguu (DemoFall)
+ Malcolm Stewart - Managing Director at Liverpool Ventures
+ xxxx - KPMG

Speaker and Moderator - Manoj Ranaweera - Founder and CEO of edocr

Manoj will share his experience of webmission08 as well as discuss profits vs. growth and Silicon Valley vs. UK. Manoj will also touch on what's his key competitors based out of west coast of USA are up to (why there is no pressure on revenues)

Speaker and Panel Member - Philip Hemsted - co-Founder Yuuguu

Having set-up Yuuguu with Anish Kapoor, and built relationships with West Coast of US over two years, Yuuguu launched at DemoFall last year. Philip will share why West Coast of US is so important to UK startups.

Speaker and Panel Member - Scott Leonard-Morgan - Partner, Heller Ehrman

Heller Ehrman was a key sponsor of the webmission08 and also hosted VC pitching event and master classes for the 20 webmission08 companies. Scott accompanied the webmission08 companies and is based at London. Scott will share his thoughts on Silicon Valley funding.

Panel Member - Scott Fletcher - CEO of ANS Group

Scott is one of the leading Manchester based digital entrepreneurs. Having listed on Plus market, Scott also founded SmartID in addition to acquiring Rivington Street Software recently. It would be a pleasure to hear Scott's thoughts on investment readiness with respect to Plus market listing.

Panel Member - Malcolm Stewart - Managing Director, Liverpool Ventures

Malcolm has spoken widely about investment readiness, it would be a pleasure to have Malcolm joining the panel discussions.

Attendance Fees (inclusive of VAT):

£10 for students
£30 for all others

Please bring correct change

Note: Annual subscription is £250 inclusive of VAT (31% better off)


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