ConstruQtive help companies increase profits and reduce inefficiencies through smarter analysis of their existing business data.

We are a small, dynamic, innovative team of data experts based in Warrington, North West England. Our SmarterFacts range of products were born out of the belief that all companies should be able to have customised data analysis solutions that do not require large capital expenditure nor costly consultancy. We want to enable our customers to concentrate on their core business and not on their IT infrastructure.

We have developed a highly scalable and flexible ‘self service’ Business Intelligence platform that can simply fit into existing company IT systems without lengthy or complicated integration. We provide business clarity from data chaos and enable companies to become more agile through greater understanding of their data.

ConstruQtive facilitate that you can bring together complex corporate data from disparate sources and easily present this as strategic knowledge to the right people at the right time. This drives more efficient behaviour and can increase profit.