DataNovata is a revolutionary new tool from NSC Programming Ltd that gives your end-users immediate access to the data they need.

Within minutes DataNovata will generate a feature-rich, web-enabled application for any relational database, providing powerful, secure data retrieval. DataNovata provides a host of simple and advanced facilities to tailor and control your user's access to that data.

An 'out-of-the-box' DataNovata application can be tailored to suit your precise requirements using a variety of techniques. From on-line design, through configuration parameters and simple DataNovata Scripts all the way to Java coding, the ideal application can easily be created. A fully tailored system can be ready within hours, days or weeks at most, depending on complexity.

For unstructured databases (i.e. relational databases without unique and foreign keys) DataNovata includes a Data Structure Tool that can help analyse your data and build these structures, enabling DataNovata to build the application. The tool can also be used to quickly create an application for analytical databases where defining keys within the relational database itself is unnecessary and undesirable.