About Ensembli

We believe feed readers, aggregators and alerters are way too difficult for mainstream users still comfortable with search engines - and they confuse popular content with relevant content.

Relevance is an intensely personal thing and, at its heart, Ensembli knows who you are, what interests you, and what excites you…getting smarter about you the more you use it. It’s effortless to use, continually acting on your behalf to surface your own must-see stories, and keeping you informed while saving you time and effort.

Ensembli’s technology scans, filters and collates stories, from across the web, that relate to your interests. The more you read, discard, or even ignore the stories Ensembli finds, the more it’ll be able to locate the stories that you’ll really like. Just to be extra clever, as your tastes change, Ensembli will be able to automagically keep up with you!

About The Company

Ensembli launched a beta programme for most web-capable platforms in January 2009 and is now open for everyone to join.

We’re located in Sheffield, UK, led by CEO Michael Wheatley, CTO Ian Pringle and a stellar technology team. Carl Griffith, Ed French and Imran Ali serve on the board of directors and the company is backed by Enterprise Ventures, the Viking Fund and the South Yorkshire Investment Fund.