IBEXIS is a world leading sensory information services company whose products and services are used by government agencies, local municipalities, utilities and organisations worldwide.

IBEXIS' unique approach is to provide a unified solution platform for its customers, which enables them to use best of breed sensors and instruments without the integration complexity and costs associated with the currently available alternatives.

Today organisations seeking to monitor their surroundings or control dispersed assets often face the alternative of either integrating sensors, instruments, communications systems, data and IT systems from multiple suppliers, or engaging solution providers to do it for them. Specialist companies and consultancies have grown to address these needs, but as bespoke solutions they are often high cost and inflexible.

IBEXIS takes a different approach, analageous to "software as a service", flexible, scalable platform which eliminates complexity, costs and simplifies deployment.

IBEXIS' management team collectively has substantial IT, Telecommunications, Product and Business Development experience and seek to leverage this in all aspects of the companies activities. The team is also totally committed to delivering excellence especially in the areas of product development and customer service.

Our company philosphy is based on the following principles:

* Leveraging technology to the benefit of our customers
* Unrivalled customer service
* Continuous product and service innovation
* An Open Systems Architecture
* Lowest cost of ownership Products and Services

These principles and our technology expertise has resulted in the launch of our new products and services which are now rapidly being deployed by our customers.