aims to be a central hub for your location history online. You can easily store your current location and your location history using one of the many different methods including Twitter, FireEagle from Yahoo!, and mobile applications. You are able to share your location history with friends and family and can vary the level of accuracy that is shown to each group. You can also share your location with members of the public to whatever accuracy you prefer, including not at all.

There are lots of reasons why people want to share their location online with friends and family. Holidaymakers are using the site to keep family and friends at home updated on their travels. People who enjoy running, cycling and walking are using to track the routes they take and plan future adventures. Avid photographers use the site to document where and when their photos were taken.

The site is built on a strong technological foundation that provides the consumer with many options. hopes to leverage this foundation to allow large numbers of third party services to use the site via the API with the ultimate aim of being the best and biggest repository of location history online. The site was built by John McKerrell who brings four years of experience in Geographic Information Services from his time working for and over ten years experience building applications and websites on the internet.