phonefromhere delivers instant, verbal communication to Web users and online communities with no requirement for the end-user to surrender personal information, use a phone or download software. The service includes end-user analysis and custom integration into an existing Website. gives Web users the opportunity to leverage person-to-person or person-to-group speech within the context of a Website, enabling the Webpage to become the handset. can contribute to increasing your Websites traffic and stickiness by delivering worry-free, live voice chat opportunities.

* Speech offers a more effective means for communication (i.e. voice inflection, pitch, tone, etc.)
* Increases Website stickiness due to duration of live voice chats (i.e. increasing user residency time on the Webpage)
* Platform/Browser agnostic (i.e. 25% of the market use browsers other than Internet Explorer)
* Customisable to fit the theme, look, feel, and objectives of the host Websites and online communities is owned by Westhawk Ltd and is a showcase for Web/Telephony integration projects utilising Nomasystems' IAX2 opensource library. are a startup company, growing rapidly and seeking investment to enable us to move faster than would otherwise be possible. We believe the addition of Verbal Communications to the Web is inevitable, it's only a matter of time and with your financial backing and industry expertise can become a dominant global player in this emerging market sector.