Time Is Your Greatest Asset. But to achieve your goals and ambitions you must learn to optimise your time. So how do you really spend your day? Do you want to know? TIYGA (pronounced "tiger") is a way of thinking about the choices we make and a tool to help us achieve our goals. If we monitor our use of time, we can see where it is consumed and get a better picture of how well our lives are balanced between different tasks and responsibilities. TIYGA lets you monitor your time easily, without wasting any to input the data. With a few clicks or a stroke of your stylus you "colour in" your personal time log. Immediately this data will answer your questions about how you spend your time. TIYGA provides you with evidence to inspire change. Charts and tables of your time usage highlight areas of life – personal or professional – that you may wish to adjust. The unknown becomes the proven. With TIYGA, your time is an asset you can at last control. Work smarter, not harder!