Web Enable IT

Web Enable IT specialize in bespoke database applications that are easy to use and work over the web. Web Enable IT creates applications using Emanate, an innovative platform developed by Web Enable IT. Our applications are "codeless" meaning they can be rapidly designed and delivered without the shackles of programming.

All Emanate applications implicitly come with the features associated with the platform, such as increased security including protection from SQL injection attacks such as that which took down and compromised the Play Station Network in 2011.

There is also a big focus on clean user interfaces that buck the traditional kitchen-sink trends of database applications such as SAP, Excel, and Access. End users are introduced to intuitive role-driven applications that only have the features selected by the designer.

There are many other aspects to Emanate and the solutions Web Enable IT delivers to its customers. Learn more at www.webenableit.com or more about Emanate at www.emanate-project.org where we host our software as an open source project.