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2011-06-21 00:30
2011-06-21 16:00

If you are an early stage tech company operating out of Manchester and the North West, it is unlikely you will get to see more than 5 VCs in average, before continuing with bootstrapping and eventually giving up (bit dramatic but true for many companies we met since 2006). Techcelerate plans to changes the odds in your favour. Instead of you having to travel to London and elsewhere, we will bring the VCs (and Angel Investors) to you.

Piloted with DFJ Esprit, this time we are organising Meet the VC Event with local VC, AXM Ventures.

About AXM Ventures

AXM currently manages two investment funds, The Creative Capital Fund (£6.5 million) operating throughout London, and The Northwest Fund 4 Digital and Creatives (£15 million).

About North West Digital and Creative Fund

The North West Fund for Digital & Creative provides a flexible equity package for growth oriented businesses operating within the Digital & Creative sector.

The sector includes companies involved in advertising; architecture; arts & antiques; crafts; design; designer fashion; digital and ICT; music; publishing; radio and television; software; computer games and electronic publishing; video; film and photography; and visual and performing arts.

The North West Fund for Digital & Creative provides finance from £50,000 to £2m to businesses seeking finance to support a broad range of needs from start-up and early stage development through to expansion plans for trading businesses. In return, the Fund Manager will require an equity share in the business. Capital structures can include a combination of equity and loan support as best suits the needs of the company.


Tech Startups (2 people maximum) will get up to 25 minutes for a confidential one-to-one first meeting.

Get in touch with Manoj for further information on how to book your slot.


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