Events & Workshops

Techcelerate Monthly

Started in November 2006 as quarterly events, Techcelerate Monthly is our flagship event series with three strong themes:

Techcelerate Technology

Techcelerate Technology events focus on specific technologies such as cloud computing bringing well known speakers for knowledge share and partnership opportunities with our growing community of tech entrepreneurs, senior managers, investors and deal makers. Past speakers include Jeff Barr (Amazon Web Services) and Tim Barker ( representing global brands as well as Tim Panton ( and Rhys Jones ( representing from early stage technology businesses.

Techcelerate Dragons Lair

Techcelerate Dragons Lair provides a compelling environment for early stage technology businesses to pitch for seed funding and established technology businesses to pitch for growth funding in an informal public setting. Past Dragons include Business Angels such as Michael Birch (Bebo) and Ajaz Ahmed (Freeserve) and venture capitalists such as Andrew Nutter (Balderton Capital) and Daniel Waterhouse (Wellington Partners). Companies pitched include Slicethepie (David Courtier-Dutton) and Whamoosh (John Bickley).

Techcelerate Knowledge Share

Techcelerate Knowledge Share events focus on learning from successful entrepreneurs as well as investors, deal makers and key service providers. Past events include Commercialisation (Anish Kapoor -, Managing Growth (Steve Purdham - surfcontrol and, Fund Raising (Manoj Patel - Lanxoma), Exits (Ajaz Ahmed - Freeserve), Investments (Ed French - EV Group), Valuations (Nic Brisbourne - DFJ Esprit) and access to finance (Business Link and Technlogy Strategy Board).

Techcelerate Specials

Techcelerate Workshops

Techcelerate Workshops are normally a half or full day events. A full day event might take the format of registration, keynote speech, case studies, lunch and 1:1 sessions of 15 minutes each. One of companies that took advantage of this format was Amazon Web Services at Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus. Half day workshops are more suited for knowledge share and learning, such as on building partnerships, investment readiness and identifying target customers.

Techcelerate Round Table

First piloted in Jan 2010, Techcelerate Round Table discussions are set around knowledge share among high growth tech businesses, but could be equally adopted for any other segment of our growing community. It could also be set around any other topic of choosing to encourage knowledge share, explore opportunities and partnerships. The format works well with a small group of individuals hand picked to increase collaboration and return on time investment.

Techcelerate Breakfast

Format first piloted in March 2010, Techcelerate Breakfast would normally be held on the following morning after Techcelerate Monthly event to increase collaboration within a smaller group of like minded individuals. Techcelerate Breakfast events will cater for a maximum of 10 individuals exploring partnership opportunities and knowledge share. These events could be set up with minimum notice to cater for individual member requirements either as paid and/or sponsored events.

Techcelerate Bespoke

Techcelerate Third Party

Events and workshops organised on behalf of another commercial entity, such as Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network (DC-KTN) or UK India Business Council (UKIBC) delivering a brief mutually agreed. Typical format could follow keynote speech, break-out sessions, de-brief and networking. The same format could equally be adopted to deliver events and workshops for our members, especially to provide access to new regional markets.

Techcelerate Pilot

Techcelerate Coffee

This is a new format we plan to pilot. Similar to Open Coffee theme pioneered by Saul Klein of Index Ventures and SeedCamp, Techcelerate Coffee would be free small events where tech entrepreneurs, tech evangelists and tech consumers can meet over coffee and learn about business needs, new technologies, trends with the intention of building new relationships and growing existing relationships. Ideally centred around coffee shops, these events are organised by local volunteers.