Dragons Lair III - Tech Investments Series

2010-03-17 18:00
2010-03-17 21:00

Dragons Lair provides a compelling environment for technology companies to pitch to a panel of investors. It is arranged as two sessions, each session with up to four companies pitching to a panel of 3 to 4 investors made up of venture capitalists and/or angel investors. Each company is given 5 minutes to deliver a razor-sharp pitch and the investors have 10 mins to quiz the entrepreneur.

Plenty of networking time is provided for the audience to interact with the pitching companies before the event start as well as after the event. Networking till early hours (at KRO Bar) is a usual feature of our events.

Videos of past event for reference:

At past events, following companies have sought from £50,000 to £2 million: DataNovata, Image Alchemy, LocallyCompared.com, Phonefromhere.com, Ibexis, CompetitiveUrge, TalentOnView, FaceTec, Robotics, InstantTicketSeller, PostDox, RecycleLocal, TourDust, DCS, CaptivePortals, mapme.at, Slicethepie, Siondo, theWeddingVine.com, 15SecondTV, BitCoin, et al.

Past Dragons included Michael Birch (Pro Founders Capital), Amin Amiri (A2E Venture Catalysts), Andrew Nutter (Balderton Capital), Michael Birch (Profounders Fund), Nic Brisbourne (DFJ Esprit), Steve Purdham (Angel Investor and CEO We7.com), Scott Fletcher (Angel Investor and Chairman ANS Group), Scott Livingston (Angel Investor), Roy Shelton (Drop Jaw Ventures), Andrew Burton (Viking Fund), Simon Howship (Angel Investor), Alex Stevenson (Aquarius Venture Partners), Daniel Waterhouse (Wellington Partners), et al


Ajaz Ahmed's picture

Ajaz Ahmed - Business Angel (Freeserve Founder, exit for £1.6 billion)

Ajaz Ahmed is the Founder of Freeserve, the UK’s largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) now known as Orange. His eureka moment came when he bought a PC at PC World in Leeds and nobody in the store could tell him how to get onto the Internet. After much persuasion by him, Dixons launched Freeserve in September 1998 and became the UK’s largest ISP in just three short months. It floated just nine months later at a market cap of £1.5bn and entered the FT 100 soon after, in March 2000 it had a market cap of £9bn. Ajaz was one of the three founding executives to launch the business, seeing it through flotation and the £1.6bn sale to Wanadoo. Ajaz held the position of Business Development Director until April 2001 when he left the company to pursue a variety of business interests. He now sits a number of boards and has a number of investments which he is actively involved in and he also sits on the Governing Council at the University of Huddersfield.

Andrew Nutter's picture  

Andrew Nutter - Balderton Capital

Andrew can invest from £250k up to growth capital of about £25m and is agnostic to stage, geography and industry, looking for amazing entrepreneurs with big ideas

Prior to joining Balderton Capital, Andrew worked with McKinsey & Company, a leading management consultancy, advising clients across a range of industries in the UK, India and the Middle East. While at McKinsey, Andrew worked with the senior management and boards of various companies, in telecoms and media sectors amongst others, to address their most significant business challenges. These included how to respond to disruptive competitive threats, expand internationally, manage billion dollar portfolios and make operational improvements to remain world-class enterprises. Andrew also worked with London-based management consultants, Candesic, understanding and appraising the commercial viability of businesses across Europe. Prior to this, Andrew spent time with a number of technology start-ups and financial services companies, and taught Economics at Stanford as a university teaching assistant. Andrew holds a MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University and an MA in Economics from Cambridge University.






Whamoosh - Online Greeting cards with a twist

Whamoosh! launched its online ‘print to demand’ personalised greeting cards and gifts website in Nov 2009. Although Whamoosh! competes head on with market leader Moonpig (£20m turnover/£6.7m profit – 2008) the company has an exclusive licence to a patented face personalisation platform that gives the company a USP and exceptionally high barrier to entry offer. The company has also built a best in class web platform with added value services. Online personalisation is just 2% (mostly Moonpig) of the £1.5billion UK greeting card market (excluding gifts) and is expected to grow to between 10-15% (£150>£225m) of the market within the next five years

LWG Logo Regular.gif

Little World Gifts - Virtual Gifts

Little World Gifts combines consumer facing virtual gift stores with a digital gift platform enabling brands and content owners to deliver high quality, interactive, 3D and location sensitive virtual gifts and merchandise on next generation mobile devices and online. It is a unique, game-changing service and platform with significant interest and enormous market potential and the company has brand high profile brand partnerships already in place including with WWF, the leading conservation organisation. Little World Gifts’ first mobile app has received considerable press interest (Macworld, Techcrunch, The Next Web), great user feedback and has already been featured by Apple’s iTunes App Store globally. The service was recently named as one of the top 50 most innovative mobile companies by Mobile Entertainment. http://www.littleworldgifts.com


PIE Finance - Technology platform for tech startup Capital

Deal structuring platform that enables entrepreneurs and innovators to get idea-to-financeable stage developmental resources on a premium-priced-but-paid-out-of-revenue-share-basis

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Worthington Sharpe - 3D Mouse Replacement

Worthington Sharpe is a product development and engineering design company that has developed a 3D computer input device to replace the standard mouse. Patent pending technology means familiar mouse-based input is retained, while also offering full 3D control. The device works immediately with any PC providing intuitive interaction to make gaming more accessible. Advanced gamers can lean, crouch, dodge, zoom and aim with one hand, while using the other hand on the keyboard for addition controls in the usual way. For example, the device allows a user to move in one direction while looking and aiming in a different direction within a computer game or 3D environment. The keyboard can be freed up for extra controls, or new interaction techniques could be added that are difficult or impossible with a standard mouse.


Web Enable IT

WEBenableIT is the developer of a Cloud Computing Application Platform or next generation Web application generator called Emanate5. This is aimed full square at the era of cloud computing and SaaS and which is expected to be the engine of growth for the mainstream IT industry over the next 10 years.


Structure Vision

Structure Vision Ltd (‘SVL’) is an engineering software company that has unique expertise in understanding and simulating how objects pack together in confined spaces (using complex algorithms developed over many years of research at the University of Leeds). Over the last 2 years, SVL has developed the world’s first 3D decommissioning planning tool for the nuclear industry. This product (called ‘NuPlant’) will allow companies involved in nuclear decommissioning to optimise the way in which a complete nuclear facility is dismantled, cut and packed into containers for long term storage. This will provide substantial savings to the industry by creating accurate and efficient decommissioning plans and minimising the volume of nuclear waste produced. The Company has an experienced Management Team, which includes the former CEO’s of both BNFL and AEA Technology PLC.


Image Alchemy - Printing Solutions - Paul Banks

Image Alchemy, is a Manchester based start-up company, that has developed a revolutionary bulk-ink supply system for desktop printers; marketed under the description Digital Image Print System (DIPS). After stringent tests and prototype marketing, they have received committed interest from the photographic/fine-art industry. Image Alchemy’s, Digital Image Print System (IA’s DIPS) is up to eight times cheaper, and comes with at least ten times the amount of ink as a OEM desktop printer cartridge and is infinitely refillable. Image Alchemy’s DIPS offers a choice of four “creative” types of ink for the inkjet printer (the OEM, only one). All of the special inks have a performance advantage compared to competitor’s systems. Competitor companies have made requests to purchase Image Alchemy’s hardware. Additionally, the Company has developed a new iconic electronic ink system, that will have patent protection; this should be ready to market in the summer of 2009.
There are other profitable activities relevant to the Company’s core product, which will also yield significant profits with minimal effort.









Past Dragons Lairs

- DL1 - Dec 2008
- DL2 - Mar 2009
- DL3 - June 2009 (part of Tech Mission 09)


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