Mobile IV - Trends and Opportunities in Mobile

2011-02-23 18:00
2011-02-23 21:00

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To be held one week after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we will be discussing trends and opportunities in the mobile sector.


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Paul Rawlings - Founder, ScreenReach

Paul co-founded ScreenReach Interactive. Paul started out creating EPOS, Sales Order Processing and Marketing systems for businesses including Burger King and Dixons. In 2009 he built and sold Twe2, a free SMS provider for twitter. In the same year, Paul created social auction website Tweba, which grabbed the headlines. Later that year, Paul won one of the 9 seats at Difference Engine pioneered by Jon Bradford. Since then, ScreenReach has raised over £750,000 in funding, and Paul will share his story of how he built a high growth tech startup combining mobile and screens.

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Charles Weir - Managing Director, Penrillian

Operator's View points and mobile phone as a business tool
Charles is one of the pioneers of the mobile software industry. As lead architect on the Ericsson R380, he helped define the smartphone as we know it today. Today Charles is managing director of Penrillian, a high-end outsourced development firm working with the likes of T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2. Penrillian see a huge market in developing products that emphasise the phone as a business tool for business and personal users.

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Tim Panton - Founder,

Phone from here, there and everywhere. The new mobile phone networks for the unconnected.
Tim has been a software developer for more than 25 years, working on a diverse range of projects, from chemical plant simulation to tourism web sites. I am also a contributor to open source projects, in particular GJTAPI a framework for implementing JTAPI (The Java Telephony API) and Westhawk's Java SNMP stack. In recent years I have been predominantly involved in Asterisk development and implementation, working closely with key industry players and my current focus is innovative integration of voice technologies in the social networking market for

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Robert Wakeling - Founder, Wadaro

Robert is the founder of Wadaro and has been principle in early business development, in securing support from partners, advisors and financiers. Prior to Wadaro, Robert held senior management positions at Openwave Inc. (NASDAQ:OPWV) and Magic4 Limited (acquired by OPWV) and has in excess of 20 years experience in technology product companies.

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