Dragon's Den Pitch

Posted by superuser on Friday 7th of November 2008 | 0 Comment(s)

This is quite an old pitch and is alive with both UK and US operations, but they have not updated the blog since the pitch in 2006.

Here is the transcript of the pitch taken from the blog

"Hello. I am Steve Johnston and I am the founder of StoryCode; I'm looking to raise £200,000 and am prepared to offer 20% of the business in return.

StoryCode is a business that depends on software and the web, which aren't easy to demonstrate in this environment, so I will tell its story in a more tangible way. The business problem we are solving is that too many visits to bookshops, both on the high street and on the web, simply don't result in sales. It is a big and recognised problem for the industry with two out of five people buying nothing because they can't decide what to buy. They struggle, as we all do, because they can't judge a book by its cover. StoryCode is here to help. 3 out of 5 people (points to three Dragons) do buy, so you are not an obvious part of the problem at this point. That leaves you two (points to the two Dragons) who typically won't buy. At least, not yet.

Richard (focuses on Richard Farleigh), imagine you have read all the books by that author, have run out of reliable recommendations and are flummoxed by the choice available. StoryCode is going to help you. "I've read all the Dan Brown books; What else have you got like The Da Vinci Code?" you say. In my role as shop assistant, with complete confidence, and despite knowing nothing about these books, I can answer with: "You should try State of Fear by Michael Crichton or Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson."

Dragons seem to have switched off after hearing that most of the money will go to finance the founders. Very sensitive issue, as any entrepreneur knows.