Webinar: Provisioning Environments in the Cloud

Posted by Phil_intechnica on Monday 9th of January 2012 | 3 Comment(s)

Intechnica will be offering a free live Webinar at 11:00 GMT on Thursday 12th January 2012, focused on our latest product, CloudFlex. We will demonstrate the provisioning of environments in the cloud using CloudFlex, which could then be used for testing & development. It is also a great chance to directly talk and ask questions to the CloudFlex team.

You must register your place to participate in the webinar, so if you are interested, register now!

CloudFlex is a TEaaS (Test Environment as a Service), which makes creating and managing test and dev environments quick and easy with no training required. Learn more about it and sign up for a free trial over at CloudFlex.co.uk now.


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Case studies

Hey Phil, do you have case studies or use cases on CloudFlex?

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Hi, We will certainly be


We will certainly be discussing some use cases in the webinar today. We do have several clients using CloudFlex for specific needs, so at a later stage we will have specific case studies available. Please get in touch directly or signup for the trial if you would like to know more - http://www.cloudflex.co.uk and follow @Cloud_Flex on Twitter.


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Case studies

Once you have case studies, brochures, press releases, user manuals, you may want to upload them to edocr.com. Heard those guys are great at getting eyeballs.