Microsoft BizSpark Graduation Offer

Posted by superuser on Thursday 4th of November 2010 | 0 Comment(s)

BizSpark Graduation Offer

The BizSpark Graduation Offer allows Startups who graduate from BizSpark to:

1. Keep, at no charge, all the software they currently use*, and
2. Have the option to purchase a subscription or maintenance to keep their software updated


After three years in the program, we will waive the $100 exit fee and offer the following:

1. Startups can renew their MSDN subscriptions at any level, starting at $935 for two years, per developer (MSDN renewals include Windows Azure benefits – compute hours, SQL storage, etc.)
2. Startups can purchase the first two years of Microsoft Software Assurance (upgrades, support and training) for production server licenses at a 50% discount


Startups may keep and continue to use, for development and testing purposes, all the software they received as part of their BizSpark MSDN Subscription. In other words, they have perpetual development and test rights to that software. If they want to keep that software updated, get ongoing MSDN support and/or access Windows Azure Platform benefits, they can choose to renew their MSDN Subscription at any level: Professional, Premium or Ultimate. Depending on what subscription level they choose, renewal prices range from $935 to $5108 per developer for two years.

Similarly, startups will also have perpetual rights to all of their Windows and SQL Server production licenses*. If they want to keep that software updated, they can purchase a two-year subscription to Microsoft Software Assurance at a 50% discount for the first two years. The total savings will vary depending on production server usage. Startups will be asked to report all production server usage in the third year of the program. If they choose to take advantage of Microsoft Software Assurance, they will be connected to a local reseller.


All BizSpark startups who have been members of the program for three years are eligible for the BizSpark Graduation Offer.


The BizSpark Graduation Offer will be available starting November 2011 as the first BizSpark startups end their three years in the program. Startups will have 90 days from their graduation date to take advantage of the BizSpark Graduation Offer.


All BizSpark Startups will be notified of the BizSpark Graduation Offer via email as they approach their graduation date. Startups may be asked for additional information to complete the Offer. Startups are encouraged to update all company and contact information at their 2nd year renewal so the BizSpark team can contact them regarding the BizSpark Graduation Offer.

*The BizSpark Graduation Offer assumes a standard production configuration of 4 Windows Server Standard Edition and 2 SQL Server Standard Edition (Proc) which we believe will meet the needs of most startups. For startups who have different or greater needs, the BizSpark team will work with them to build a customized configuration at graduation.